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Auto-edit your certificates

  • Auto-edit your certificates

Auto-edit your certificates


The value of a Certificate of Authenticity comes from the notoriety of the person who writes it (the artist, and art expert, etc.), because the certificate is recognized at the time of writing by all professionals. The Certificate of Authenticity is the indispensable key to maximize the sales of your work. Without it there is no estimate, no transaction, no movement, nor recognition in a recognized catalog of the financial value of the work.

ARTcertificate proposes to artists and art galleries to create themselves the certificate of authenticity that will accompany the work with BONUS a traceability service by QR code accessible by mobile phone or tablet.

Cost-effective and efficient solution!
- the certificate and the sets of labels
- selling price at 1.25 euros

- Certificate of Authenticity in PDF format in 21x29,7 cm format
* Dimension adjustable to printing
* Different template models
* Different borders
* QR Code, international standard
* Font configuration
* Customization of the legal information
* Language: French, English, Spanish, German
* Layout customization and creation of a template.

The signature of the writer is compulsory on the Certificate of Authenticity.
The use of a special type of paper is recommended.
A security hologram or bubble code is recommended, but not essential.

PREMIUM SECURITY - 100% online
- three sealed PREMIUM QR code to paste (work, certificate, archive)
- a unique and random polygon for each seal
- online control of seal polygon compliance
- selling price at 2.50 euros

- Identification of the writer of the certificate.
- Download photos and documents.
- Access to the creation of a Certificate of Authenticity: Paintings, sculptures, photographs.

FAST Layout system
ARTcertificate has developed a layout system for Certificates of Authenticity that allows anyone who is not a computer expert to quickly and easily compose the layout of a Certificate of Authenticity.

NEW! QR code for traceability of works of Art
- Each Certificate of Authenticity is issued with a QR code, in order to easily locate the work of Art on ARTcertificate.
The QR Code is an international standard that helps smartphone users to easily access on-line information. Free applications (such as I-nigma or NeoReader) allow tusers to scan a QR code and instantly access a web page dedicated to the work of Art.

FREE! SECURE QR code for the work of Art and for the Certificate of Authenticity
- SECURE QR code that can be attached to the work and to the Certificate of Authenticity
- This SECURE QR code identifies and creates the link between the Certificate of Authenticity and the corresponding work of Art.
- This service is provided FREE OF CHARGE with a purchase of a Certificate of Authenticity.

FREE! ARTcertificate GALLERY
ARTcertificate GALLERY is a FREE space to promote your work of Art. Visitors can view the details of each of your creations (title, dimensions, media, etc.), as well as your artist profile. Visitors can browse through other works of art you have made public in the ARTcertificate GALLERY.

Never place the Certificate of Authenticity behind the artwork. Instead, keep it in a safe and protected place.
CAUTION: In no case will the services of ARTcertificate constitute a proof of authenticity of the work. The authenticity of the work is exclusively dependent of the person who issued the Certificate of Authenticity.

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