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How to define the rating of a Painter

  • How to define the rating of a Painter

How to define the rating of a Painter

Most of you are asking themselves legitimate questions, seeing very high odds advertised for some painters and ad paintings offered at much lower sums.

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Art is not comparable to the stock market and there is no monthly settlement of securities. Nor is the price of a painting such as that of a gemstone evaluated scientifically by its carat weight, its purity, the calibration of its color and the quality of its size.

To speak of painting of a living artist, the career of this artist is established over years and within a relatively hermetic world, composed of one side by professionals, that they are art critics , International merchants or auctioneers, and on the other by the true amateurs collectors, whose taste and knowledge presided over their choices.

Often seen as a price reference, the interpretation of a public auction rating must be approached with great caution.

First, because an auctioned price for a specific work may never recur, even for the same painting and in the same place if the sale takes place in other circumstances and on another day.

Imagine two similar paintings simultaneously auctioning, one at the hotel Drouot in Paris, in a cataloged sale attracting many amateurs from all over the world, and the other in a current week sale in a small town of Haute Loire, the price difference could be from one to a hundred on a contemporary work.

Let's not compare with a painting of an old master who will always be backed for sale by professionals who are always mysteriously informed when an interesting painting surfaced somewhere.

Between the painting sold in Paris and that of the Haute Loire, what is the good rating that should serve as a reference? Probably none of the two if the first got a particularly high price while the other was selling for an abnormally low sum.

Yet the two results will be published in Artprice (website seems to gather a lot on the coasts) and a potential buyer will find it hard to find himself if he wants to form an opinion.

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We can not stress enough the random nature of an auction with conditions that will never be identical. The public will be different, the economic context too, other paintings in the same sale may also compete and disperse the bidders.

To obtain a good price at auction, it is also necessary several amateurs to dispute the object, otherwise the auctioneer is forced to climb 'into the void' until the reserve price against the only bidder present in the room. I have often had auctions much higher than an artist's usual rating because I was present every month in different auction halls and it happened that a chart with a record auction was removed Previously several other public sales without having reached its reserve price.

Keep in mind that there are no strict rules for art and it is necessary to work on a case by case basis. It is a little simplistic to think that it is enough to have a guide AKOUN to improvise merchant of paintings.

In this regard, the question is often asked about the difference between the AKOUN rating displayed by EBAY members and the price they ask for from their table. It is necessary here to explain precisely how the AKOUN rating works and how it is established.

This so-called 'average' score, which is already ready to smile as each picture that sells is different from its neighbor, is calculated on the average basis of a table measuring 65 X 50 cm, corresponding to a Landscape. Therefore, if only tables of 22 X 27 cm or 3 F are to be auctioned, AKOUN will multiply the price by 5 to obtain the average rating of a 15 P. It is enough that several tables 3 F measuring 22 X 27 cm sold 500 euros to find an AKOUN rating of 2,500 euros corresponding to a 15 P. It is quite possible that these tables having reached 500 euros were auctioned with a reserve at 250 euros and that a competition between several bidders Have brought them to double that price. For this reason you can find on Ebay tables at 250 euros in reserve price or in immediate purchase while their AKOUN rating is 2,500 euros. There is nothing abnormal about this and it is useless to send derogatory emails about it.

Moreover, in order to establish its rating, AKOUN has as main source the results sent to him by the end of the year before December 15 the merchants and the artists. At least three results are required to establish an average score. So if you have auctioned 30 or 40 paintings of an artist in a year, it will be enough to send the most significant results to AKOUN to get a rating say ... optimized .. Far be it from me to criticize The AKOUN guide is extremely practical in a small format, but it should be borne in mind that a public sale result is only a witness of a past event that is not necessarily reproducible.

In short, and if you have read everything ... the COAST of an ARTIST really exists only in relation to the demand of the works of this artist ..... If the artist is not really known .... it will be the PRICE to which he sells his own paintings which will determine the coast .... but only before his potential buyers ....... for the others, his coast will mean nothing ..... For the COTE is not at all an exact science, and hold much more of an estimate at the p .....

In short, it is the buyer who makes the coast of the artist ..... if the buyer buys his painting at 500 euros, his rating is 500 euros .......

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