Easily Create Your PREMIUM Certificates
SELL MORE and BETTER with a CERTIFICATION process structured, professional and PERFORMING! PROFESSIONAL version.
Easily Create Your PREMIUM Certificates

Your buyers deserve the PREMIUM certificate

Your buyers deserve the PREMIUM certificate

Looking for a PROFESSIONAL solution, it is timely because I will tell you about the PREMIUM certificate which is today the most INCREDIBLE and PERFORMING solution on the certification market.

The idea is to provide amateurs and professionals with certificates that can really meet the most demanding standards, a solution that allows you to easily manage several artists, to have advanced security guarantees, etc.

Forget the STANDARD certificate ...
We are moving up a gear ...

I have been desperate for a professional service, but it is difficult to see it totally impossible unless you want to spend without counting on very expensive and not really complete solutions ...

I have been interested in this issue since January 2018 and I set up a REVOLUTIONARY solution that offers features that outperform all that we can expect in the field in terms of archiving, in terms of evidence gathering. authenticity, security, etc.

Whether you are an Enlightened Amateur, Professional, Gallery, Photographer, Artcertificate now offers the turnkey solution to create a database on each certificate and each work completely INCREDIBLE.

On top of this you add a service that allows BUYERS to contact Artcertificat as PARTNER OF CONFIDENCE and provide upon request and after identification the authenticity information recorded on each work and you understand the scope of the services offered.

Our MasterClass will explain all the advantages very well.

I wish you a lot of success.

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Are you an Enlightened Amateur?
Are you a confirmed artist?
Do you have an Art Gallery?
You are a Photographer?

The PREMIUM certificates are made to meet the professional requirements in terms of presentation, personalization, benefiting from powerful ADVANCED FEATURES and an ENHANCED SECURITY.
- a certificate to professional standards
- SOBER presentation in A4 format
- Integration of the company LOGO

- Management of MULTIPLE ARTISTS
- Management of NUMBERED SERIES
- Management of SALES INVOICES
- ONLINE ARCHIVING of certificates

- a SECURE certificate of authenticity
- a certificate number registered on ARTcertificate
- a QR code for TRACEABILITY
- a RANDOM POLYGON per document
- CONTROL of polygon conformity

- a set of three PREMIUM seals
- to stick on the work, the certificate and the archive

All these elements make the PREMIUM certificate the most complete and the most economical solution on the market for a REGULAR USE.
This guarantee allows you to freely test the creation of certificates, without taking any risk. If you are not satisfied with the results of this service within 90 days, I will refund you in full.

 Be the FIRST to TALK CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY to your friends Artists.

Whenever I talk about it around me, during exhibitions, painting class or face to face, my friends are always interested in the subject: First, there is the surprise of learning the usefulness of certificates, then a kind of rapture when they understand that it is a powerful tool for VALORIZING THEIR WORKS and that they can do it EASILY. The SUCCESS is GUARANTEED, In the end everyone will thank you for this information which will help more than one of your friends Artists.
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