How can you make your certificates, seals and invoices entirely tamper-proof? I'll explain you how to do it. It's actually a very simple and effective process.

What is the main challenge? In order to make any document tamper-proof and forgery-proof, you have to make sure that it cannot be copied or, if it is copied, then the copy should be of very poor quality. To achieve this, you must use special materials and use safety points that cause serious trouble for counterfeiters.

You might wonder: Why should I protect my certificates? We are only artists and we don't have to be so paranoid.

That's precisely why you should protect your documents: this will greatly reassure your buyers. You will be taken seriously because you care about your artworks. Over time, these documents will make the difference and will be indisputable for any expert when it comes to authenticity.

This will make me spend money again... It will only cost 2 euros per certificate, including a security page and 2 holograms per artwork...Great value for money!

What's the deal with the special paper used for the certificates? This highly secured paper has 15 control points and uses the same process as banknotes. It's a totally forgery-proof paper which has been approved by the French administration. This paper is currently used as a standard material in all sensitive sectors to guarantee the originality of the documents. You can print ink-jet, laser etc. on this paper.

The renowned three-dimensional hologram is attached to the different documents to make them even harder to copy. Each hologram is numbered by laser and these numbers can be entered on Artcertificate to verify the authenticity of the documents.

Our solution uses all these safety measures to provide 100% protected certificates: we use 10 security points, which is way more than what other services offer.

All these security features are usually unavailable to artists or professionals because they have to be bought in large quantities. I decided to make this investment and to retail these certificates and deliver them to your studio or art gallery.

I wish you all the best in your projects.
Pack of 25 A4 sheets with 15-point security
Pack of 49 VOID holograms

This kit allows you to print your certificates of authenticity on a 100% secure medium with 15 control points. The holograms are then stuck on the certificate of authenticity and on the work of art to be certified.


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Your certificates, invoices and seals will be completely forgery-proof and tamper-proof.

- High level of security
- Immediate authentication with the naked eye
- 2D/3D technology, Dot Matrix
- Many safety points
- Tamper-proof and tamper-proof

This tamper-proof holographic sticker provides an effective solution to prevent counterfeiting, which is an important threat to many brands in a variety of industries.

This type of hologram label can be neither scanned nor photographed: it cannot be duplicated fraudulently, guaranteeing its tamper-resistance. The degree of difficulty to reproduce it proves the authenticity of the product. The holographic sticker is used as a communication and protection tool for the brand.

Moreover, any attempt of tearing it off will irreversibly destroy the adhesive hologram (thanks to its splittable 'VOID' type adhesive) and will thus indicate any tampering attempt of the sticker or its support.

These holographic stickers are designed with several special layers that make them tamper-proof. These adhesive holograms authenticate the product and are important to fight against tampering, fraud or counterfeiting.

For authentication purposes, each hologram label is engraved by laser with a unique forgery-proof serial number (which can be destroyed if it is torn off). image of the laser number.

X15 secure A4 paper

3 levels of control for 15 security points.
This paper combines different levels of control:
- visible to the naked eye
- visible only under UV light, UV ink comes out fluorescent yellow or blue
- visible only with magnifying glass and/or microscope

The A4-size secure paper has 15 levels of security, making it completely tamper-proof and impossible to duplicate. Most of the checkpoints can be examined without any specific equipment. Documents printed on this security paper are guaranteed to be originals. Their contents and the sender can be authenticated thanks to this UV paper.

1. Guilloche
Lines made of reactive inks which become blurred when they are photocopied and disappear when someone attempts to erase the text.

2. Paper without brightener
Special UV paper (using inert UV) which is easily identifiable. This paper is used to produce checks and banknotes. Makes UV inks clearly visible.

3. Reactive paper
The paper's reaction to any attempt to erase it (scratching, eraser, chemical) that is visible to the naked eye.

4. Phantom word
Appears when photocopied, scanned or photographed

5. Invisible printing
Invisible ink revealed under UV light (here in yellow)

6. Thermo-reactive ink
Disappears when the temperature is above 27 (disappears under the pressure of a finger), and then reappears again

7. Micro-letters
Lines made up of several thousand microscopic letters (visible with a magnifying glass). These lines are altered when copied.

8. Manufacturing code
Unique code embedded in the microletters

9. Numbering
Unique numbering (only for standard paper)

10. Iris' watermark in two tones
Iris-shaped figures in two different tones, only revealed when a light source is placed behind the leaf. Included in the paper.

11. Sculpted 3D numismatic text 'DOCUMENT SECURE ORIGINAL'.
Text visible to the naked eye. Complex lines that are woven to create a picture or word in a sculpted format. Difficult to reproduce

12. Paper and reactive inks
Visible reaction of paper and ink to (chemical) erasure attempts to the naked eye The paper has a special coating that increases toner adhesion by at least 50% to protect against potential fraud.

13. Sequential number with UV ink
Same sequential number is only visible under UV light and is identical to that of the penetrating black ink.

14. Security hologram integrated in the paper
Holograms are an authentication tool in themselves. They are very difficult to replicate and cannot be photocopied or scanned.

15. Chromotropic ink
Ink visible to the naked eye and perceived as blue. Under UV light, perceived red.
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