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Welcome !
The little story of Artcertificate begins in 2012, the day I need to create certificates of authenticity for my own use.

I search desperately on the internet, but quickly it is the nightmare because there is no interesting solution to help me.

So I decide to create myself a program that allows me to create these famous certificates of authenticity, I do this without any idea of future development, but my artist friends are immediately takers the idea and encourages me to offer this service on the internet.

Artcertificate is today the reference for many artists for the edition and the security of their certificates of authenticity ...

Qui suis-je ?
Who am I ?
Quin soy ?

Multifaceted artist without specific artistic training, I respond exclusively to the creative impulse, I explore the arts with a quiet curiosity, a clean innocence without academic or commercial influence.

This adventure that I invite you to share, has allowed me to acquire valuable knowledge about the world of Art and Certificate of Authenticity that I will be happy to share with you.
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Telephone: +34 63 84 555 72 (Spain)

 Be the FIRST to TALK CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY to your friends Artists.

Whenever I talk about it around me, during exhibitions, painting class or face to face, my friends are always interested in the subject: First, there is the surprise of learning the usefulness of certificates, then a kind of rapture when they understand that it is a powerful tool for VALORIZING THEIR WORKS and that they can do it EASILY. The SUCCESS is GUARANTEED, In the end everyone will thank you for this information which will help more than one of your friends Artists.

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