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Request for Certificate of Authenticity

Request for Certificate of Authenticity

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The authenticity'>evaluation of the authenticity'>price of an object of art (or collection) depends above all on its degree of authenticity. To determine whether a good is genuine or not, the buyer may refer to certain documents.

The particulars appearing in the certificate of authenticity and the documents of authenticity are regulated by the regulations. The Marcus Decree of 3 March 1981 imposes standards for the authentication of an object of art or an antique piece of furniture. These rules are primarily intended to prevent fraud.

The decree thus provides that the seller of works of art or collector's objects shall, when the buyer so requests, 'issue to him an invoice, a receipt, a bill of authenticity'>sale or an extract from the report of the authenticity'>sale Public specification of the nature, composition, origin and seniority of the thing sold '. In case of subsequent litigation concerning the authenticity of the property, the particulars associated with its description will be decisive.

Mentions and guarantees
The regulations distinguish several types of mentions, which do not offer the same guarantees as regards the characteristics of the object concerned. For the seller, breaching the rules that follow exposes him to a 5th grade fine.

Designation of the artist
The first type of information concerns works or objects:
- bearing the artist's signature or stamp
- with the words 'by' or 'of' followed by the author's designation
- with the name of the artist immediately followed by the designation or title of the work.

Each of these three cases entails a guarantee that the artist mentioned is the author of the work, unless the indication is accompanied by an express reservation as to the authenticity of the object.

Attribution to the artist
Where the document contains the words 'attributed to' followed by an artist's name, it is considered that the work or object was performed during the production period of the named artist and that serious presumptions The latter as the probable author.

Workshop of the artist
The use of the terms 'workshop' followed by an artist's name guarantees that the work has been performed in the master's studio or under his direction. The mention of a workshop must be followed by a period indication in the case of a family workshop that has retained the same name over several generations.

School of the artist
The use of the terms 'school of' followed by an artist's name entails the guarantee that the author of the work has been the pupil of the cited master, has notably undergone his influence or benefited from his technique. These terms can only apply to a work performed during the artist's lifetime or in less than fifty years after his death.

Where it refers to a specific place, the use of the term 'school of' ensures that the work has been performed during the lifetime of the designated artistic movement, the time of which must be specified, and by an artist Participated in this movement.

Other expressions without warranty
The expressions 'in the style of', 'style', 'manner of', 'genre', 'after', 'manner of', do not confer any particular guarantee of artist's identity, Work, or school.

Reproduction and copying
Any facsimile, overmoulding, copying or other reproduction of a work of art or an object of collection must be designated as such.

ART certificate FREE! *

Print your certificate of authenticity yourself!

ARTcertificate allows artists to create themselves the certificate of authenticity that will accompany their work with a BONUS traceability service by QR code accessible by mobile phone or tablet.

- Certificate of authenticity in PDF version in 21x29.7 cm format
* Dimension adjustable for printing
* Different standard models
* Different borders
* QR Code, international standard
* Font configuration
* Customization of the legal notice
* Trilingual: French, English, Spanish
* Saving the layout
The signature of the depositor is compulsory.



ART certificate has developed a layout system allowing any non-IT person to quickly and easily compose their certificate of authenticity.

NEW! QR code for the traceability of works

- All certificates of authenticity have a QR code in order to easily find the work on ART certificate.
The QR Code is an international standard that helps smartphone users to access information more easily. Free reading applications such as I-nigma or NeoReader, allow these users to flash a QR code in order to instantly access a web page dedicated to the work.

FREE! The SECURE to stick on the work and the certificate of authenticity

- The SECURE QR code is to stick on the work and the certificate of authenticity.
- This SECURE identifies and creates the link between the certificate of authenticity and its work.
- This service is provided FREE of charge for any purchase of a certificate of authenticity.

FREE! Art certificate COTATION

Art certificate offers online analytical software which, thanks to a precise questionnaire, allows an artist to be objectively situated on the art authenticity'>market. The authenticity'>quotation provides an index per linear centimeter and an average authenticity'>price making it possible to assess the selling authenticity'>price of the artist's works. A authenticity'>quotation certificate is issued to provide information on the artist's reputation.

The ADVANTAGES of the Art certificate rating.
- Each artist has the right to have a QUOTATION on the financial authenticity'>value of his works.
- This authenticity'>quotation makes it possible to establish CONSISTENT SALES PRICES with respect to the authenticity'>market.
- It is a GUARANTEE for the buyer with a view to the development of the artist.

The certificate of authenticity

When artists sell their work, they must provide a Certificate of Authenticityin order to be more professional and give all the guarantees to the buyer. A Certificate of Authenticity is essential for the attribution of a work.

Without a Certificate of Authenticity, it's impossible to determine the artwork's origin or to attribute it to an artist. The only value it has will depend on its size, the technique, the materials, and the subject represented.

A Certificate of Authenticity is the key to the successful sale of your works. You must provide a Certificate of Authenticity to the buyer (even if he or she does not ask for one) along with the invoice.

Without a Certificate of Authenticity, most doors will remain closed; no estimate, no transaction. A Certificate of Authenticity is mandatory to establish that a work of art is authentic and has been created by the Artist.

No mention in a raisonné catalog about the financial value of the artwork. Without a Certificate of Authenticity, it's impossible to evaluate the artwork, its only value depends on its size, its technique, the materials used and the subject represented.

How to verify the existence of a certificate
or a work on the blockchain?

Using the following explorers:
Enter the hash of the certificate, then validate.

How to check the hash of the photo
recorded in the certificate?

Using the service: http://onlinemd5.com/
You must upload the photo that is in your possession, indicate the encryption mode, generally MD5, the result must be identical to the hash that is recorded with the certificate in order to certify that it is indeed the photo recorded with the certificate.



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